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St Petersburg Tour Package For 3 Nights 4 Days4 Days & 3 Nights

Known for its vodka, bears, and chilling climate, Russia is quite a popular tourist destination among global travelers. Boasting rich culture and heritage, this country gives travelers various ways to enjoy their vacation. Today there are millions of people who travel to the country and explore each city of this country in depths.

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Moscow Tour Package For 5 Nights 6 Days6 Days & 5 Nights

Everyone finds their own reason to visit the beautiful city of Moscow. One of the well-known cities of Europe Moscow greets the tourists with full-hospitality and comfort. The city houses a lot of attractions for tourists to enjoy. From countless historical monuments to modern artworks Moscow houses a lot of galleries and museums that tourists can explore.

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St Petersburg Tour Package For 2 Nights 3 Days3 Days & 2 Nights

Russia is a beautiful country that is rich in heritage and culture. It is high on tourism and people have been visiting and exploring the place in depths. When here people can see the majestic traditional architectures, beautiful garden, market places, all cool clubs and so much more.

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Russia Tour Package 5 Days & 4 Nights 5 Days & 4 Nights

Our Russia tour package from India is availing the tourists with great opportunity of taking a step out of India and exploring an entirely different world, i.e. Russia. The places are enriched with heritage and arts that are worth to witness and experience.

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Russia Tour Package 7 Days & 6 Nights7 Days & 6 Nights

Russia is the world’s largest country and has so much for you to enjoy the vacations. Our Russia tour packages from India are availing you with an opportunity of exploring an entirely different and pleasant world. Russia is rich in various terms, whether it is about historic cities or idyllic countryside.

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Idyllic Russia Tour Package7 Days & 6 Nights

Encompassing idyllic sceneries, artistic riches, historic monuments, throbbing nightlife, and amazing train rides; let your next excursion cover all these highlights for a unique experience. Choose from our range of Russia tour packages, and see yourself how every significant attraction unveils the treasure trove of rich history before you.

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Russia Tour Package

Sky-touching mountains, majestic icy lakes, alluring warm sands, dreamy fanciful beaches, unreal geyser fields, unique mind-boggling panorama view, an inquisitive history, Russia Tour package has everything one can desire fin a trip.

Why choose Russia Tour Packages?

In terms of landmass, Russia is the largest country in the world with variation in cultural tradition. The large communist nation has an incredible number of option to impress anyone in the world. From several museums of art, culture and literature to glaciers, historical sites to hippie vodka intoxicated nightlife, Russia has it all to feel tempted for a trip.

Some major attractions among Russia Tourists packages:

  1. Red Square, Moscow: Standing in pride at the centre of the very heart of Moscow, Red square offers the most insanely beautiful view of architectural perfection. Once a spot for cold-blooded execution, the amazement of Red Square flaunts its virtuousness now. Never miss the opportunity to unfold the historical events of Russia when touring Russia. Red Square sings lullaby to the world’s most famous mummy of Vladimir Ilych Lenin who was the founder of the

  2. Lake Baikal: Flaunting its generosity as it is the largest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Baikal allures a huge number of tourists and is always on the bucket list while on Russia Tour. Soothe your eyes by watching Nerpas swimming or plunge into the water to feel revived, click a photo with the Shamanka Rock, one of the most photographed spots in Lake Baikal. This is the best place to visit while on Russia honeymoon Tour.

  3. St. Petersburg: It is the second-largest city of Russia and was the imperial capital of the country ages ago. Large parks, palaces, museums, monuments, Kazan churches, hotels, pubs and all that jazz one can think of, this place is a gem in every manner. It is impossible to explore all aspects of St. Petersburg in one visit, one has to plan another Russia Tour for seeing it all.

  4. Sochi: The grit beaches and warm cosy days make it a picture-perfect destination for voyagers. The most popular Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix are hosted in Sochi only. It has an amusing botanical garden to satisfy the hunger of nature lovers and it holds the most tea plantation. Gorgeous waterfalls, inebriating vineyards, belle orchards and the lethal forests makes it a perfect destination for honeymoon in Russia.

  5. Manpupuner Rock Formations: Regarded one of the seven wonders of Russia, the formation of these mysterious man-like rock formation is still unknown. The spell-bound beauty of this place can only be felt. In one, it can be called splendid. These seven gigantic stone pillars standing on a flat plateau have a bewitching beauty. Thanks to its remote location away from the cities, these mystifying splendours are still unspoiled by the voyagers.

  6. Suzdal: Dating back its existence to 1024, Suzdal is one of the oldest cities of Russia. Rich in religious architectural heritage, it has more than thirty churches and around five monasteries each of it constructed uniquely and decorated. Here, Intercession Convent is the most important place to visit for experiencing the history of Russia. It is well known as a place of exile for noblewomen like the first wife of Peter the Great. Suzdal is a very tiny town but its uniqueness and vivaciousness are unmatchable.

  7. Olkhon Island: located in the middle of the world’s largest and deepest freshwater lake, Olkhon Island is an eternal journey back in times. Between its breathtaking beauties, long-strolls seems justifiable and relaxing. One must wonder why this place is rarely mentioned in every other Russia Tour package despite its magnificent ambience.

  8. Valley of Geysers: Located in Kamchatka, this place is the second-largest concentration of geysers in the world. It has dozens of small jets which erupt tons of water every year or two. Valley of geysers is chosen as one of the seven wonders of Russia.

  9. Kazan: Tagged as the “Third Capital of Russia”, Kazan has a strong financial hold. It has seen several games like FIFA World cup and is the fastest growing educational centre in Russia. Every year the travellers are doubling up.

Best time to opt Russia Tour Packages: Unless you want to experience the nerve-jangling winters of Russia and witness the snow-covered months of November to February, it is advisable to visit Russia in summers. Summers brings the shows its true beauty. During the months of July and August, the temperature becomes a bit moderate. Autumn can also be considered as a good time to enjoy Russia travel packages. In autumn, there are comparatively fewer crowds which can be the best time to visit.

Russian Cuisine: Russia has some of the best delicacies when it comes to the cuisine of the country. Russians prefer freshly grown ingredients. The most used ingredient among the food is potatoes. If we talk about the typical Russian recipes then stuffed dough, porridges, or soups flashes the mind. Russian blinis are very much similar to American pancakes but its unique taste makes sit stand out. Another dish which is a perfect example of Russian cuisine is Kasha, made up of several ingredients like buckwheat, oats, wheat, millet, barley or rice